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Energy storage and renewables

Renewable energy sources such as PV (photovoltaic) and wind turbines are now playing a significant role in the global energy mix. The inherently variable nature of this green power represents a major challenge for power grids that need to match generation and demand to ensure continuity of customer service. Inevitably, energy storage that can help smooth the peaks and troughs in output is becoming a vital element in the design of electricity networks. Saft has developed a range of battery technologies that deliver reliable and efficient energy storage in both off-grid and on-grid schemes, from the point of production through transmission and distribution to consumption.

A vital consideration for batteries in RES (Renewable Energy System) installations is that they are often in remote locations, where they are subjected to harsh temperatures and punishing humidity. Even in these extreme conditions, Saft’s Ni-Cd, Ni-MH and Li-ion technologies deliver high performance, long service life and low/zero maintenance requirements.


Off-Grid Energy Storage

Off-grid energy storage covers a wide range of stand-alone applications such as PV schemes and wind turbines where there is no permanent grid connection. In this case, batteries are required to support long discharge periods of hours or days.

Efficient energy storage used in combination with renewable generation schemes presents an attractive option to address the electrification needs of the developing world, where the high cost of installing electric grids in countries with low and scattered population density is a major brake on development.

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On-Grid Energy Storage

Renewable installations which have a permanent connection to the electricity grid are categorised as ‘on-grid’ applications. Large battery energy storage systems – ranging from hundreds of kW to several MW – are now taking a key role in making renewable energy network compatible by addressing the inherent stability issues it presents.

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